Another Change in Blogging Site

October 21, 2010

On13th October 2010, our old Debian and Ubuntu Linux blog has now moved to the following new location:


Change in Blogging Site!

April 5, 2008

If you happen to land on this page through a search engine searching for an article, then please visit my new blogging site to see it’s contents.

Due to some technical reasons and in search of more flexibility I have decided to host my WordPress blogging site on my own domain.

The URL for my new blogging site will be

I decided to choose the BlueHost Web hosting company as my new Web Hosting company since it was highly recommended on WordPress website.

Also the day (5th April 2008) I registered my new domain and started hosting my WordPress blog, WordPress happened to release it’s newer version of WordPress blog 2.5. So I had to immidiately upgrade my WordPress site on my new domain since BlueHost was still installing 2.2.3.

I will add more details on this topic later on.